Old Roman Aqueduct

Old Roman Aqueduct


In the ancient Rome inventions abound and many of this are in use today.
The main invention was the aqueduct and we still use it and is very important for our life, it is amazing how the romans created a mechanism that moves water from one place to another, and it was measured to one cubic meter per citizen.
In the art of war romans created a siege ladder that was used to enter in a Castel without making any damage on the walls but it was difficult to translate it to the battle-field so it was not used in many battles. Another military invention that romans made, was related to the army and the organization and subordination in the battle field, they created many strategies in battle including the turttle and the formation, they made advances in weapons and the armor of soldiers was strong and light in thier shields.

On the other hand we have the roman coliseum which is a world wide known building, it was a great advance in the art of architestry. Its construction started between 70 and 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian and was completed in 80 AD under Titus.

Other importan invention was the calendar, thanks to Julius Caesar and the history of it is very unique because, March is for the god Mars, July was in honour of Julius Caesar and August for the emperor August.
moreover they created the name of the days of the week, monday is for the moon, sunday for the sun, saturday is in honour for the god Saturn, the others days was for the latin languages.
An invention of Julius Caesar was the increase to 900 senators which at that time was a Big step to Get the absolutevely power of ROME.

Other interesting inventions were the scissors; this was used at the beggining as a frocep in a surgical pincer, the postal system that was used between generals for communicating rome the things that was happenning in the battle front .
Rome was the first country to recolect taxes to Romans Citizen and people who lives in the Empire and own slaves, trade agreements with other provinces and this helped to support the Empire of Rome.

In conclussion all the inventions that romans created were very important to the development of the civilizations that came after the fall of Rome, and now days are still used in our day to day life.

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Intermediate16 dijo...

The roman aqueduct was built by romans to provide all the population "water", it ws transported from the rivers to cities along rome, the distribution was calculated aroun one meter cubic per day for each inhabitant.


The Roman Society was based on laws because they were very organized and they have a Roman civil law in way to develop a great system based on rules and principles. Roman law was one of the most important inventions of the roman people. In the ancient Rome civilization the laws were based on the Greeks and with those requirements maked the criminal proceedings.
In the ancient Rome was very interesting that the state was like an arbitrator who heard people and resolved the cases. In this time de criminal proceedings is very important because with it we can manage different cases and find some solutions for the problems, not only social problems we can fix too economic problems and democratic. Moreover this proceedings are used like in the ancient Rome with the unlike that now this is including with other processes and laws.

The administrative system in Ancient Rome Civilization was very strong due to it is focus on customs and tradition of society in this time. For example the first Roman code of law was developed during the early republic and this code was characterized by a formalism that during for 1,000 or more years. The Roman laws also were based on the idea about “the actions and words produced legal consequences”. Each emperor take part in the building of the roman civil laws.

Another relevant point is about the principles of Roman civil law because, this civilization look for new reasonable laws, and always thinking in human benefits and in the society beneficial. Besides the Roman civil law was flexibility due to they include or accept new ideas and opinions in their legal principles sometimes. Basically they want to build a great society with a strong system of democracy and laws. This idea was brilliant and involves main points. For example, the influence of the Roman civil laws in nowadays is admirable. Currently, people around the world have a civil code and this consist of a rules or laws that define the social organizations. If you analyze the influential of the ancient civilization in today, you will be sure that our last generations were a main part in way to contribute on we develop today.

Take into account, we concluded that the system of law in Rome was one of the most important and successful legal procedures in the history. Fortunately, we can applied this tradition in our own laws and the best part is that we can improve and contribute in this laws.

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